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These are the products we sell, some are seasonal and are therefore not available all the way through the year.

Whole Fresh FishBlack BreamBrillCodConger EelCuttlefishDabDover SoleFarmed BassGarfishGilthead BreamGrey MulletGurnardHaddockHakeHerringJohn DoryLemon SoleMackerelMegrimOctopusOrganic SalmonPlaicePollockPoutingRed FishRed MulletSand SoleSardineSpratsSquidTrigger FishTroutTurbotWeaverfishWhitingWild BassWild SalmonWild Sea TroutWitchesWrasse

Smoked and cured fishAnchoviesCod RoeCraster KippersDill Marinated HerringsFish CakesGravadlaxJellied EelsLaver BreadLoch Fyne KippersLump Fish RoeNatural Smoked HaddockSalmon RoeSamphire GrassSeafood SaladSmoked Cods RoeSmoked EelSmoked MackerelSmoked Salmon 100gSmoked Salmon 200gSmoked Salmon SideSmoked Salmon TrimmingsSmoked TroutWild Smoked SalmonYellow Smoked Haddock

Shell FishBrown ShrimpClamsCocklesCrab ClawsCrab MeatCrevettesDressed CrabFresh Water PrawnsLive WhelksLobsterMusselsOystersPrawnsPeeled King PrawnsPeeled PrawnsRazor ClamsScallopsScallops in the shellSouth Atlantic PrawnsWhelksWhole Crab

Fresh Fish FilletsBass FilletCod FilletHaddock FilletHake CutletHake LoinHalibutHussOrganic Salmon CutletOrganic Salmon FilletPie MixPlaice FilletPollock FilletRed Fish FilletSalmon FilletSardine FilletSkateSwordfishTunaTurbot SteakWhiting Fillet