As a family-run fishmongers, starting in the 1930's, we are experts when it comes to supplying top quality fresh fish to local residents and businesses. Operating in markets across Somerset and Wiltshire, we sell an incredibly large variety of whole fish, smoked fish, shell fish, cephalopods, fillets and steaks. Our products are predominantly sourced from local day boats this means it comes from smaller, more sustainable and better cared for catches that can go from being in the sea to you in as little as 48 hours.

You can find us at Somerset and Wiltshire markets in Glastonbury, Castle Cary, Wells, Frome, Bradford on Avon, Shepton Mallet, and Warminster. Our immense range of fish available should meet every fish lover’s needs, if you don't know what fish to order or how much you need, we are more than happy to advise you and prepare your fish so it is ready for cooking. As we specialise in seafood more adventurous cooks can find exotic ingredients that can be difficult to find at your local supermarket, with so much choice you are sure to discover something you have never tried.

We are delivering in this area

Have a look at this map to see if we are delivering in your postcode and the minimum order you need to place.

Details of how to order are shown below.

minimum order map
Postcode Zone
BS40 £20 minimum Order
BS39 £20 minimum Order
BS27 £40 minimum Order
BS25 £40 minimum Order
BA12 £40 minimum Order
BA4 £20 minimum Order
BA2 £20 minimum Order
BA11 £20 minimum Order
BA5 £20 minimum Order
BA3 No minimum Order
BA6 £40 minimum Order
BA14 £40 minimum Order
BA9 £60 minimum Order
BA13 £40 minimum Order
BA10 £40 minimum Order
BA15 £40 minimum Order
BA7 £40 minimum Order
BA16 £40 minimum Order

Step 1

Sign up to our mailing list by clicking on this button.

Step 2

Wait for our email, we will send out an email when we have new stock this is normally every Tuesday.

Step 3

The email will include a link that will take you straight to our order form. Here you can choose what you want, enter delivery details, and pay. You can also click on SHOP in the menu at the top of this page.

Step 4

Your fish will be delivered the next day, if there is any delay we will notify you by email.

Some things that would help us deliver your order

Put out a box

We would love it if you could put a box (or even better a cool box or bag) in a visable place so we can be sure we have delivered to the right place.


There is a free app you can download called what3words, it gives a three word address to every 3m square around the world. If you could find your 3 word address using the app or by visiting the website here and clicking on this icon locate icon, it would help us out a lot.

Group deliveries

It would be great if you could let your neighbours know we are doing deliveries in your area. Our business is built on word of mouth, so spread the word, just remember to keep your social distance while you are at it. If you know your neighbours are wanting a delivery too try and coordinate with them so you both place an order on the same day.

Delivery instructions

Detailed delivery instructions really help us out when finding a place and let us know what to do with your order when we get there. If you have a car parked on your driveway let us know the colour and make, let us know the colour of your door or distinctive landmarks near by.

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